Dell dominerer InfoWorld-kåring

Hvert år kårer det amerikanske magasinet InfoWorld de beste produktene i IT-bransjen i året som gikk. Sammen med sterke merkevarer som Google Android «Jelly Bean», iPad Mini og HTML5 rasker vi i Dell med oss ikke mindre enn tre priser for våre lagringsprodukter.

Her er juryens begrunnelser:

Dell PowerEdge M1000e blade system
It was not so long ago that Dell’s blade offerings were slim and unexciting. In two short years, Dell has accomplished a full 180. Today’s PowerEdge M1000e blade system is a remarkably complete and refined blade solution that incorporates many new ideas and innovations.
On top of Intel- and AMD-based blades, two- and four-socket blades, high-density two-socket quarter-height blades, and even blades with PCIe slots for specialized purposes, there’s the Colossus, a two-blade-wide iSCSI array that boasts redundant controllers and up to 14 SAS drives and SSDs. Best of all, it’s a true EqualLogic SAN, providing all the same capabilities as Dell’s best-in-class full-size arrays.

Dell PowerEdge C6220
A shining example of the new breed of high-density, no-frills server, the Dell PowerEdge C6220 is a 2RU system that supports asymmetrically configured compute nodes (four nodes, each with one or two six-core CPUs) and asymmetrically allocated drives (up to 24 2.5-inch drives across the front). With each node having its own out-of-band, IPMI remote console with chassis power management, this compact system gives you great flexibility in a tiny amount of space. Originally available as a Dell custom white-box solution, this configuration became so popular that Dell brought it out of the custom world as a standard line item.

Dell EqualLogic PS6110XS iSCSI SAN
Dell’s EqualLogic SAN arrays have long delivered iSCSI storage in a fast, reliable manner. The PS6110XS does that and then some. The PS6110XS drives a hybrid disk set, up to seven SSDs and 17 SAS drives for a total of 24 disks, with redundant controllers offering 10G Ethernet connectivity via two 10G interfaces per controller. In addition to the plentiful I/O, the PS6110XS can leverage automated storage tiering features that allow the system to automatically place highly used blocks of data on the fastest disks. Thus, with no administrator involvement, applications that require heavy storage I/O can get faster the longer they run — and continue to remain fast even as the workload changes over time.

Les om alle produktene som InfoWorld anbefaler.

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